3/3 Moulting | Final Preening before Take Off

Thank you, mom, for taking the photo 🤗

I wanted to take a moment to thank my family for giving me this opportunity to study abroad in Copenhagen! Although we went through communication difficulties, I know that we are slowly improving our relationship, together. Perhaps distance will make the heart fonder! I’ll make sure to keep everyone updated 😊

So, it is my final hour before I leave Vancouver for Copenhagen!

I just love airports. Just as the seasons pass without concern, the people are bustling in and out. An airport is a place of cultural connections. It’s the best place to have a quick, non-committal, but informative conversations.

Orca Chief and Kelp Forest by Lyle Wilson and John Nutter

Though, I have to say, my favorite thing is the Duty-Free store. They were letting us try Ice Wine and Cognac. I purchased an Ice Wine for my Visiting Host Family as an arrival gift. If you plan to study abroad at DIS, and you are placed with a Host Family or a Visiting Host Family, it is always polite to get them a gift. Purchases are optional, of course! Just bring something from your culture! It is a cultural exchange after all.

Personally, I enjoyed the Cognac. It was very smooth and silky. It had a hint of vanilla. Sorry Canada, your Ice Wine is much too sweet for my taste.

Do note that Europe generally only allows one bottle per passenger. Unfortunately for me, I won’t be getting that Remy Martin VSOP any time soon 😭

One thing though, it is hot at the airport. I wore a set of base-layers, a long sleeve shirt, jeans, wool scarf, socks, and runners, and Cnepa Jacket. Thankfully, I had a lot of space in my carry-on. Wear layers! At least, I’m prepared for Copenhagen’s rain weather… I hope.

Anyway, next time I check in, I’ll be in Denmark!

Sikker Rejse / Safe Journeys~!

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